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Film Production & Film Project Financing

Inventa Media offers film production and film financing services

Inventa Media offers film financing services for film projects on which we believe, they will have a great opportunity on the entertainment market and a great impact on the world. On the other hand, we also produce films together with our partners.

Our Vision is to bring “The Good” into the world and make the world "a little bit" better.

Our Mission is to boost and promote good ideas of media content, so that it can be realized, released and prosper in the market.

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"Be the impact in the world, what you'd like to see"

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Our Services

Inventa Media offers mainly the following services for film productions.

Film Financings manually, on a traditional way, and automatically, through an online Blockchain Platform (in Development). We believe, there are too many very good ideas for film contents, of people around the globe, what is never going to be released, because of lack of financing. Therefore, we help them on early as well as late stages, to find the right financings, so that they can start realizing their projects and step into pre-production.

Each project is a commitment. We’d like to accompany the whole project from the beginning to the end and also help during the phases between pre- and post-production. But not last, also for selling, distributing and launching the material on the international market, if this is desired from the project owner.

On the other hand, we also produce films with our own or good ideas from outside, in collaboration with our partners. We try to make things different, because we know the small things make the difference.

Film Film Financing Traditional and Film Fund

We help producers on an early as well as later stage, to find the right financings, so that they can realize their projects and step into pre- or post-production.
Currently we are also in progress to open a new Film Fund, with which we help producing great film projects.

Film Financing Platform (in Development)

Through crowdfunding everyone on the world can invest in his favourite movie with his favourite actors or directors. He will be part of the success of the film, and get a ROI back from the revenue, after the film is on the market.
The date of launching this platform is not known yet.

Film Production

We produce films in collaboration with our partners. This can be commercials, infomercials, image films, documentaries and feature films. We also offer Co-Production Services within Switzerland and Austria.

Film Financing Traditional


Film Financing Platform


Film Production Services


Our engagement in these 3 sections are different and can very. We want to boost the Film Financing Platform once its online and to drive down the Traditional (Manual) Financing way. Film Production Services is always a must to have inhouse in order to help you out, that your film can achieve a better quality and become a great movie. Your win is our win!

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